Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eilat Festival day 5 - Producing water from a rock

Here you will see how I take images from a rather slow day to create an interesting post.
Spent the morning birding with Meidad. We had high expectations after yesterday, but today materialized to be another migrant-less day. On the way to Yotvata Meidad spotted a Hooded Wheatear sat by the road. Very nice. At Yotvata few migrants, only the sewage ponds had some birds including Squacco Herons. 

Hooded Wheatear

Water Pipit

Eastern Black-eared Wheatear

Listen to this sound-recording of samamisicus - so distinctive. This one's for you Martin.

Lotan was very empty too, only one Red-throated Pipit there. It had a ring on - probably had been ringed there in previous years. 

A flock of 60 Black Storks going over was nice to see.

Mammals today included Dorcas Gazelle and Cape Hare.

In the afternoon checked Holland Park, which had several Rueppell's Warbler, and the clients really enjoyed this singing male Sand Partridge:

The canal south of KM20 saltpans was OK with Citrine Wagtail again, and a plexa-type Yellow Wagtail:

Citrine Wagtail

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  1. All Martins like especially this dedication... ;-) Keep up the good work.
    GB! Martin