Sunday, March 10, 2013

Birds of Kuwait

A few days ago I received a copy of the newly-released Birds of Kuwait. I got it from my good friend Mike Pope, co-editor of the book. This a superb book - fantastic images, and very interesting species accounts. Wish I could go birding in Kuwait - looks like such a great country for birding. Many thanks to Mike for the copy and congratulations for such an impressive production!


  1. Thanks very much Yoav for your wonderful words about Bird of Kuwait (BOK); our group Biodiversity East is working very hard to find ways to promote conservation and awareness in Kuwait. It is not easy to work for this in Kuwait as an outsider, hopefully and with M.Pope's help, we will continue to make important inroads. BOK is available for free download at

    Dr. Stamatis Zogaris (

    1. Dear Dr. Zogaris,
      Thanks for your help in sending me the book!

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