Monday, March 11, 2013

Hill Sparrows

Spent another day in the Negev looking for new locust swarms and searching for poisoned birds. Today the locust swarms moved further north towards the N Negev, so fewer locusts in the Nizzana region. Had no dramatic discoveries but birding was pretty good despite the heat. There's a lovely green patch at  30.966537° N 34.491512° E, along a route diverging north from route 211. In this small patch I had loads of migrants, mainly lesser whites and chiffchaffs, but also one male Subalpine Warbler, 5-6 Rueppell's, 1 Siberain Stonechat, 10 Quail, some larks, Savi's Warbler, some Bluethroats, 50 Desert Finches, 1-2 Hill Sparrows. Very cool.
I had today Hill Sparrows singing and displaying in several sites. Some were very confiding, but light conditions were shit. We are experiencing a large-scale breeding invasion into large parts of the Negev, I guess similar in its magnitude to what we had in 2010.

Hill Sparrow

Desert bloom

'Lovely Green Patch' 

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