Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday morning relaxed birding

I think I deserve a noble prize because I let my wife sleep in this morning. Went on a long walk with my baby girl Libby and dog Bamba in the fields around our village. Lovely spring weather and lots of birds. Quite many migrants around and the local birds are bust breeding. Not easy to photograph single handed with the 500 mm...

Most dominant migrants were many hundreds of Ortolans and also big numbers (60+) of Tree Pipits.

Also some other pipits (red-throated, tawny and water), Masked Shrikes, some Issy Wheatears and other typical open country birds. Large flocks of Turtle Doves are going through now:


Forest Owlet...

Back in the village, I had a Collared Flycatcher in my neighbour's garden, and a Pied fly in my garden - a nice garden tick.

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