Thursday, January 24, 2013

UK day 1

Long travel day. Arrived in the UK just after noon, but some idiot took off with my suitcase - and I had to wait for her for several hours until she returned the suitcase to Heathrow. First time this has happened to me after so many years of travelling overseas. Becuase of the delay missed the opportunity to look for the Buff-bellied Pipits nearby. Long and slow drive to Thetford, but very warm welcome by BTO staff. The day ended well with a good curry. Looking forward to tomorrow.


  1. Welcome to the UK Yoav. Sorry about the weather.

  2. Have a good trip, the birding won't be quite what you're used to but if you're on the East Coast you should get some of the better Winter birding that there is on offer....

    Laurie -

  3. Thanks guys. I will spend my time with Britain's finest so for sure I will make the best out of my birding opportunities.