Thursday, January 31, 2013

NL day 2 - worst record shots ever

Good birding this morning but my photography didn't excel very high I'm afraid. I went with Gert to check Gooimeer near Huizen. A male Long-tailed Duck has been wintering at this site for the last 12 winters. Despite the cold wind we found the bird quite fast, swimming in the distance with some goldeneyes. Lifer for me, and a very good-looking bird (scope views), but the images - well, not the best... But you can identify it can't you?

Lots of other good waterfowl including several dozen Bewick's with some Whooper Swans, some redhead Smews and one Eider - also this male has been wintering here for the last 10 years; a pretty good inland bird.



After freezing our arses off there we had a quick look at Eempolders where we had again very large flocks of Barnacle and White-fronted Geese, but no red-breasted or anything else of interest.
Then rest of the day spent with the Sovon guys, very interesting to meet and to learn. Looking forward to some more learning tomorrow.

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