Monday, January 21, 2013

The Beauty and the Beast

A young Black (AKA Cinereous) Vulture was found by Ezra Hadad in the Judean Plains about a week ago. It's been hanging around the area since, and this morning I went with Amir Balaban to have a look at this impressive bird. First thing in the morning it was already present in the regular reservoir, feeding on a jackal caracass. When it heated up a bit it moved around the fields, accompanied by an Imperial Eagle.
Black Vulture used to breed in Israel until the 19th centruy. In recent decades it's a regular but rare winter visitor to areas with griffons - mainly Golan Heights and Negev Mt. It is very rare in C Israel.
Yoram Shpirer got some impressive results of it a few days ago. Mine are not as good but I hope you can feel the power and beauty of this bird.

With a miniature Black Kite

 With and Eastern Imperial Eagle

 I wish I was sat in Yoram's hide early this morning...

Supporting cast included also the young White-tailed Eagle, several more imperials, and a few ten White-headed Duck.