Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For Israelis only!

Europeans - skip this post...
This morning went ringing at my alfalfa field near Bet Kama. Was hoping for a good catch but in fact it was a slow morning. Don't know why, plenty of birds in the field, they just behaved terribly and avoided the nets. Some Red-throated Pipits, Bluethroats and this stonking Starling - a bird that we hardly ring in Israel. I haven't handled one for several years now. Not a fun bird to ring or to age.

Most of the time it did this:

We had the / an Oriental Skylark buzzing over our heads once. Long-legged Buzzard, Marsh & Hen Harriers, Sparrowhawk all flying low over our nets but dodging them.
Many thanks to Meidad, Elon and Anton for their fruitless efforts.


  1. OK - i'm European but i still think that Starlings, in some plumages, are one of our smartest looking birds as your photos attest to. Great mimics, i've been fooled many times and fun to watch...

    Laurie -

  2. Starlings are always welcome in my garden. Great to watch.