Monday, October 22, 2012

Post-birthday post

I practice a long-lasting tradition of seeing nothing good on my birthday. Yesterday was no exception. I had no time for proper birding, but in a few minutes at Ashdod I had my first Song Thrush and Penduline Tits of the season.
Hoped to compensate today by checking some of the best rarity-magnets in the high Negev Mts. After last weeks' rarity run in the area I was hoping for something good. I met up early with Jon from Norway and Meidad; we started off at Mitzpe Ramon sewage which was very quiet but had one Red-breasted Flycatcher:

The habitat at Nafha sewage and vineyards looks perfect but birds were rather few. Semi-exciting was an ugly 1cy Citrine Wagtail. Other nice birds included Booted Eagle, Levant Sparrowhawk, good migration of Steppe Buzzards, and this lingering Roller:

We tried for the Pied Wheatear at Sde Boker but it didn't show. 10 Desert Wheatears, one Siberian Stonechat and one Spectacled Warbler were OK. 
On the way back home went for another look at the Pied Bushchat at Yeroham. Again in bad light. The bird looks good - feeding nicely and it feeld at home. Will it overwinter? 
It was hot and there was no sign of the Dusky and Yellow-browed Warblers seen there yesterday.

Pied Bushchat


  1. Pied bushchat! How many records you have got? A first for Turkey if seen here :-) congrats for others also, is it possible to see any photos of the dusky warbler?

    1. 7th record of the bushchat. Scroll down to October 12 for dusky images.