Sunday, October 14, 2012

PGP take 2

After on Friday I never made it to see the Pacific Golden Plover at Timorim (found by Eran Banker), this morning on my way to work I dropped in to the reservoir to have a quick look. 
The bird was still in place. It's a big reservoir so I had distant views only. It's a fine adult, almost completed its body moult with just a few dark feathers remaining on the flanks. Primary moult is about halfway through - P1 to P5 moulted, P6 still growing and P7 to P10 unmoulted.

Nice head profile - steep forehead, rather long bill:

Short primary projection: 

 Slight toe projection:

Grey axillaries and coverts:

Many more shorebirds sharing the same pond but had no time to check them. Impressive numbers of Marsh Sands, one Collared Pratincole etc.

Millions of alba WhiteWagtails everywhere. This is a 1cy (female?) - note the obvious moult limit in GC (two inner GC moulted) and tertials (two upper tertials moulted).

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