Tuesday, November 6, 2012

High voltage is not good for you

Had a quick look at my alfalfa field this morning. Fewer pipits, more skylarks. This male Caspian Stonechat perched on ugly pipes:

Meadow Pipit

Eurasian Skylark

On the way out I was disheartened to find this electrocuted Long-legged Buzzard, a beautiful large individual I had seen several times in recent weeks perched on this pylon, before it eventually found its death. Electrocution is a major risk for large birds in Israel, especially in winter. This pylon is situated just by a water reservoir, perfect perch for a raptor - a real death trap. The Israel Electric Company is slowly protecting new lines against electrocution, but is doing almost nothing to protect these old pylons. I hope something happens with that soon.


  1. Bonitas capturas,lastima lo del Ratonero.Saludos

  2. Hundreds of Golden Eagles used to die this way in the USA until the power untilities moved the cables further away from each other to stop the birds wings touching them whilst alighting - sometime in the 70's i think...

    Laurie -