Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eilat festival update - day 1

It's that time of year again... I joined the festival team today, and am looking forward to an exciting week. Previous festivals produced excellent birds and great birding experiences; I am sure that this festival will not disappoint.
I drove down rather late in the morning, so by the time we (Gal and myself) arrived at Hameyshar it was pretty hot and birdless. We did find 10 Bimaculated Larks though.
After settling down at the hotel, I led the afternoon tour. We visited the KM20 saltpans that were rather quiet but still some good stuff there - Ruddy Shelduck, Caucasian Stonechat and others. The KM19 sewage farm was much better with lots of stuff around. Best were two Little Crakes showing very well and two Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse that arrived at dusk for a drink. A great end to the first day!
The evening activity included a poolside cocktail party, a short introductory film and some words by Jonathan.
I will do my best to post daily updates so stay posted. I promise to have some images tomorrow, I was too lazy today...