Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to normal

Not that I am complaining - my normal life is pretty good. After the fun but intensive festival week it was good to get back to my normal life that this time of the year means mainly atlas work in Nizzana.
In recent days I did some atlas boxes in the Nizzana area, deep in the desert. Things are actually getting busier there, with breeding species showing some activity and more migrants around. I encounter the usual fantastic selection in most of my boxes - bustards, coursers, all four sandgrouse species, plenty of Lesser Short-toed Larks and smaller numbers of Temminck's and Bar-tails, etc.

MacQueen's Bustard

This is my brave Mazda that takes me to places where no birder has birded before:

Even though there was very little rain this winter in the region, some bushes and annuals are in bloom now. This is Zygophyllum dumosum, one of the dominant species in the plant communities on the hills and slopes:

Retama raetam bushes are colouring the wadis in white:

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