Friday, May 16, 2014

USA final day: Central Park & back home

So yesterday was our last day in USA. We met up early with star birders Doug and Tom at Central Park. Weather was shit and so was the light for photography, but we did get some good birding done and had a good laugh. We encountered some of the more colourful characters of the Central Park birding scene, and got very important advice on how to improve our birding skills.
I was impressed by the habitat at Central Park. Yesterday the park was not pouring with migrants, it was rather pouring with rain, but in some patches there was quite good activity and we got eventually 15 warbler species, including Orange-crowned, Bay-breasted and Cape May. Here are some record shots – light conditions were really bad:
Black-throated Blue Warbler - always elegant

Blackpoll Warbler - the commonest at Central Park yesterday 

Hooded Warbler - still don't have a proper photo 

Wilson's Warbler 

Northern Waterthrush

Swainson's Thrush

Baltimore Oriole

Lincoln's Sparrow - several seen

Warbler neck in process

Nice habitat

In the evening we flew all the long way back home. I was very glad to get back home and meet my family, but I already miss the USA, and need to return to get some more proper birding done. Maybe next year?
It was a fantastic visit, both professionally and for birding. Everywhere we visited, and anyone we met, always we felt very welcome and well respected from all our partners and friends. I am sure that new projects and cooperations will result from this important visit.
On a personal level, we met so many great people and made many new friends. Birding was superb, especially with the help of our friends – thanks to you all!
And finally, many thanks to my travel partners Dan and Jonthan, and for the NJ bit also Tom Reed – it was great fun with you guys.

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