Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Birdday

This morning I left home too early for a non-birding day. Today was our annual national bird day, at the Tel Aviv University, with lectures and mingling in the recipe. It was an important day for me personally becuase today we launched our new website - the Israeli Birding Website. At the moment only the Hebrew version is online at . The English version (and app) should be ready in a few months, before spring. I have been working on this new system with my colleagues for two years, and the last month was really hectic, trying to complete everything before today's launch. 

My role today was to present the new system, which went OK I think. In addition I had another lecture (about my progress towards the first State of the Birds report for Israel), and I presented the winners in the Amit Geffen photo competiton I organize and produce every year. So all in all it was a very busy day for me but highly successfull, and great to meet so many good people from all over the country.

Now that I have this day behind me, I can go back to the field! Damn, I haven't seen a bird for three weeks now, and I'm really stressed. Hope to get some good birding done within the next few days.

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