Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm sorry

I'm sorry for neglecting the blog lately. I'm going through one of the busiest periods in my life ever - several huge projects climaxing simultaneously, plus family commitments, and just no time left for birding or photography. Going away tomorrow till Wednesday, hope to get some birding done after that.

This is not new - it's from Kenya, December 2010. Wahlberg's Eagle, just after it ate this poor Northern White-headed Shrikes' mate. 


  1. Hello!I feel just the same!got so much to do that sitting on the web has ben neglected.Beautiful photo and wish for more to come when you have time.Best wish to you and family.Greetings Norway

  2. Nice silhouette with just a hint of a crest - just about remember the sp from ca30 yrs ago!....

    Laurie -