Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lost and found

This morning had some time for birding (sorry again Barak) so checked some reservoirs in the Judean Plains. They were all half empty and packed full with common waterbirds (Mallards, Glossy Ibis etc.) and many shorebirds as well. In one reservoir I first saw quite many Wood Sandpipers showing through the wet vegetation. But then an early Booted Eagle went low overhead and spooked everything up - that flock contained about 150 Wood Sands and many other tringas and Ruff, including Marsh Sands and Spotshanks. Some Collared Pratincoles too.

Booted Eagle mobbed by a local Ketrel

Ducks included, among the many Mallards, some Garganeys, Shovelers, Teals, Ferruginous Ducks and a male White-headed Duck that is probably a stranded bird - it's been around these reservoirs all summer.

White-headed Duck

Big numbers of Yellow Wagtails already - about 200 in total, all feldeggs as far as I heard.

Yellow Wagtail - 1cy male feldegg

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