Monday, August 19, 2013

Eilat family (and birding?) holiday part 2 - Lesser Crested Terns

On Saturday 17/8/13 the only birding I did was an early morning session at north beach. I met up early with Shachar Alterman, and together we had quite a good time. Again I had to leave at 07:00 which meant that most of the time I was birding was before sunrise. 
We had two Lesser Crested Terns (probably the same two birds hanging around the gulf in the last couple of weeks). One is a bit more advanced in its moult. At one point they were fishing very very close to us - if the sun was up I'd be a very happy man but even though the lack of light and high ISO I am quite happy with these results. Really like the backdrop of Eilat Mts. in the background.

Lesser Crested Terns

I know this image has too many problems but I like the more artistic look of it:

After the sun was up we had some close visits of White-cheeked Terns - this is one result, but much more on White-cheeked Terns in my next post tomorrow - stay tuned!

White-cheeked Tern - adult

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