Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nightjars and gulls

Busy days and nights. Over the last few days I started my Nubian Nightjar monitoring season. I managed to confirm breeding activity in 14 territories at Neot Hakikar. Hope to see the results around the next full moon.

I also spent some time at the Yellow-legged Gull colony in the Zoological Gardens of the Tel Aviv University. This year we started trapping adults - five adults ringed so far. Check the variation in wingtip pattern - from solid black tip to P10 to all-white tip. Note that this white-tipped bird also has black only on the inner webs of P6 and P5. Many thanks to Amir, Noam and Ron for their help. And to Amir also for the images.

Noam & moi

Tomorrow I'm beginning a breeding atlas project on Mt. Hermon. We got permits to visit the most complicated parts of the mountain, and I'm sure we will see lots of cool birds. I have a great team working with me, and I am really looking forward to this week. So stay tuned!

Syrian Serin - from 2010

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