Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hula Festival update day 4 - Ma'agan Michael and Med. coast

Today the birding-all-over-Israel theme continued with a tour I led to the Med. coast - Ma'agan Michael and some other sites. Ma'agan Michael beach was very good with 7 Greater Sand-plovers among the many shorebirds, and a good selection of gulls - 3 meds, several baltics, yellow-legged and caspians, 1 heuglin's and one steppe! All among one large flock of armenians. 

Greater Sand-plovers plus other stuff

Interesting stonechat - a bit too little white on the rectrices for a variegatus?

We had a Golden Jackal run on the beach and flushed all the gulls.

Later on we checked Atlit and Nakhsholim, good birding (lots of flamingos, godwits) and a few Citrine Wagtails.

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