Monday, November 12, 2012

Hula Festival update day 2 - Agamon

Fantastic day today, combination of inspiring, almost spiritual birding, and high-quality birds. Started off early and did the sunrise mobile-hide tour. As always it was an exceptional experience. Light and weather conditions were just right with dramatic clouds and very thin fog. The experience of 35,000 cranes in your face is always awesome. Tried all kinds of photographic artistic stuff, most of it failed, but still some nice results.

Black-winged Stilts

We had a very close encounter with a huge, fat Jungle Cat. I had the wrong camera settings for this scenario, but becuase it's such a great animal decided to share this image anyway.

Note the Caspian Stonechat in the left foreground. Saw several today.

Better soaring conditions today so we had lots of raptors today, including 2 White-tailed, 7-8 Greater Spotted, 2 Eastern Imperial and 3-4 Booted Eagles.

Landing lights

Other highlights in the morning included the Black-winged Kites, hundreds of pelicans, 9 Marbled Ducks before breakfast in a nearby reservoir, and many more.
In the afternnon checked the Hula Reserve and stayed for the roost. Saw 3-4 Citrine Wags, and the roost included nice numbers of harriers (only 1 pallid) and 3-4 Merlins.


  1. Amazing cat. Amazing bird photos. Amazing overuse of the word amazing on my part.