Monday, November 26, 2012


This morning I went to Elkana, a small town east of Tel Aviv. Netanel Kave found three Olive-backed Pipits there almost two weeks ago, in a small park in the middle of town. The birds were showing nicely this morning. They are such neat birds. Their behaviour is really unique, very tame and very shy at the same time, in a very typical OBP manner - walking very low in the grass, flying up to trees. Photography was not easy - bad light (I really need a proper flash) and obscuring grass. But I cannot complain. OBP's are still pretty rare in Israel. I guess that these birds will overwinter there.

Olive-backed Pipits


Urban birding - Israeli style

Their calls are very sweet and typical - these soft contact calls and semi-harsh alarm calls. I managed to get this recording using my phone, here hosted by Xeno-canto:

Thanks Amir for the directions.


  1. Estupenda serie a esta bonita Bisbita.Saludos

  2. Ya Naknik (or in transelation: "a sosage")
    your photos are superb+
    why did you say they are just ok ?

    Amir Ben Dov