Monday, March 5, 2012

Not quite full blast yet

This morning I went to have a look in the Nizzana region. It was fun because I had time for some enjoyable birding, compared to the hectic visits of the past two years where I went there mainly for survey work.
Weather was good after a very cold and wet week. Bird activity was slightly disappointing in a way. I did see all of the 'good' birds expected - MacQueen's Bustards (incl. three dancing males), Cream-coloured Coursers, Pin-tailed and Spotted Sandgrouse; but common breeding species, such as Desert Lark, Scrub Warbler, Sand Partridge etc. were rather few and quite silent. I was expecting the skies to be full with singing birds but the sky was half-empty. Further, migration was very slow and I had only a handful of migrant passerines - some Short-toed Larks, Northern Wheatear and this sexy Ruppel's Warbler:

The small number of migrants was especially depressing after reading all the news from Eilat where migration is already very strong. Thanks to Meidad for the coffee.

Pin-tailed Sandgrouse

On the way back home checked the Lesser Kestrels breeding along the road on the Be'er Sheva bypass - great birds:

Lesser Kestrel