Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beautiful Castro Verde

Spent most of today working in a couple of sites in Castro Verde in S Alentejo. A beautiful landscape, high-quality steppes, vast pastures, few fences, and lots of bustards. Also high numbers of Black-bellied Sandgrouse. We also had two 2cy Spanish Imperial Eagles, some Booted Eagles, Tawny pipits, Short-toed larks etc. A few mobile groups of babbler-like Azure-winged Magpies added colour to the day:

Spanish Imperial Eagle

Exceptionally yellow-throated Tawny Pipit

Male Great Bustard 

 Very good to see the general interest of the local communities in Great Bustard - figures and images everywhere, like in the small village of San Marcos:

Portugal is an interesting country. This is from Entradas:

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