Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Olive-backed Pipit!

This morning before work I took my kids to the kindergarten, which is right next to my old house that I had moved out of just two months ago. As I walked back to the car a pipit flew above me from one tree to another giving that soft call I know so well - Olive-backed Pipit! Luckily I had my bins with me and had good views of the bird walking along some large branches and flying from tree to tree. It wanted to come down to my former lawn to feed, but there were too many people walking around so it stayed high up. No camera with me, and in the afternoon I couldn't relocate it.
Bummer, I almost had it in my garden list...


  1. That will teach you Yoav. I never go anywhere without a camera

  2. Wich you had your camera! Better luck next time ;)