Wednesday, December 15, 2010

African update 4 - Arabuko Sokoke and coast

Sorry for the long time since my last update, the usual excuses of no internet connection and no time. Left Tsavo West NP on Sunday and drove straight through to the coast. It's a beautiful region, people are great and we are having many adventures and experiences. We're staying at Mwamba Field Study Center just by Watamu operated by A-Rocha Kenya.
Our main purpose here is ringing shorebirds with Colin Jackson and his team at Mida Creek which is a fantastic site. We had pretty good catches that included Crab Plovers, Lesser and Mongolian Sandplovers, Terek Sandpipers - images will follow soon!
We visited Arabuko Sokoke Forest twice, and scored well with Sokoke Scops Owl, Sokoke Pipit, East Coast Akalat and Amani Sunbird, with lots of good stuff in the forest. I can certainly recommend our local guide David Ngala who has amazing skills in locating and attracting birds. Thanks David!

Sokoke Scops Owl

We visited a few other good birding sites in the area, worth mentioning are Sabaki River Mouth and Chem-Chem lake. Saw lots of stuff, with Malindi Pipit being an obvious highlight:

Lesser Flamingo
Tomorrow we are leaving the coast and starting to make our long way back to Nairobi, with a few good sites to visit before flying out on Saturday. Hope to get another update up before leaving Kenya.

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  1. 3 lovelly image. Love your owl...look's a little like our Screech-owl ;)