Saturday, December 11, 2010

African update 3 - still at Ngulia

We had two great nights of ringing, with good misty conditions. Yesterday we had 1600 birds and today we had 2200 birds. Good stuff! Working with such an excellent team made these busy sessions very comfortable and easy. Some good Palaearctic migrants ringed included Pied Wheatear, Rock Thrushes, Upcher's Warblers and in addition we had a few Afro nightjars.

Pied Wheatear
Yesterday I was too knocked out so did nothing after ringing, but today we went on a nice safari drive down to Rhino Valley, where we added a few species to our growing list. No real highlights but lots of good, colourful birds like this Golden Pipit:

Lots of shrikes in the park, especially isabellines:

Tomorrow we are leaving to Watamu on the coast, so this is our last night at Ngulia. I am leaving with some sadness - it's such a great place and an amazing experience, but I am sure I will be back here in the near future, and also I am really looking forward to the next leg in our trip.

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