Monday, November 29, 2010


This morning I found myself in front of the computer again, analyzing data... Well you know how this is going to end... My phone rings, Ron is on the other side - Buff-bellied Pipit at Kalya! Should I stay or should I go? After a minute of contemplation I decided to go for it, thank god I don't pay for the petrol... 40 minutes later I'm there, another 60 minutes and I'm back in front of the computer...
Anyway, it was very hot and the bird was very jumpy, so to minimize the stress I really didn't struggle with it too much, hence the bad images.
Last winter there were two overwintering at that same spot among the many Water Pipits, and it's good to see that this has become a regular wintering site for this rare species, only 20 minutes from Jerusalem.
It is interesting how different they look in the hand compared to the field. In the field they give a strong slate-coloured impression, while in the hand they look more olive-brown on the mantle.

Note the large white eyering, bold supercilium and bold breast streaking:

Strong wingbars and plain mantle:

Here together with a coutelii Water Pipit (left):

Thanks Ron!!!

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