Friday, November 19, 2010

Macro portrait experiments

I am preparing for my trip to Kenya in a couple of weeks, and I am searching for the optimal lens for in-hand photography. I borrowed Rony's Canon 100 mm f/2.8 macro and tested it this morning while visiting Yosef at Tsor'a. Unfortunately I found it unsuitable for photography of full birds when I'm both holding the bird in one hand and holding the camera in the other - focal length is too long (and/or my arms too short). However it was fun to play with portrait possibilities. I have very little macro experience and it was interesting for me to work with such a tiny depth of field in open apretures. Here are some very amateurish results.


Clamorous Reed Warbler

Sardinian Warbler

Penduline Tit


On the way out this Stonechat was nicely backlit (this is with my 500 of course)


  1. The camera that I use is strictly an amatuer's camera but it has amazing versatility. It's a Fufifilm HS-10. A superzoom with a 24-720mm lens. 10mp, 1080p video, and excellent macro capabilities.
    I'll be heading to Uganda for a month in Feb. I look forward to seeing how the camera performs in the different situations over there.

  2. John, thanks for that. Heard good things about the model you mentioned, but unfortunately I am trapped in the DSLR world. Like your blog!

  3. Stunning images,love your Clamorous Reed Warbler,superb.

  4. Works very well for me! Love thos imge, the Sardinian Warbler is stunning!

  5. I love these series of portrait images, they show an intimate side of the birds you'ld otherwise miss looking through 'bins or a scope.