Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back from the shadows (again...)

Sorry for being absent again; spent the last couple of weeks up north non-birding, but still saw quite a few birds. Best was a Hume's Warbler on November 1st at Gush Halav in the upper Galilee. I stopped at the gas station there for some vehicle and soul refueling, and as I got out of the car heard the typical "chewit" call from a large tree in the carpark. Cool! Also in that region many Woodpigeons (several hundreds) and it seems that most winter visitors are here aleready. Noctournal migration was apparently very strong with lots of vocal birds heading south at night - thrushes, pipits and cranes.
Yesterday paid a quick visit to Yosef at Tsor'a. Seems that there are many quality birds around - during my short visit and drive in and out had a Bonellis' Eagle, Ruddy Shelduck, Crag Martin, Whiskered Tern, 3-4 Red-footed Falcons and more. Worth another look.
There's lots of good stuff down south, hope to get there one morning next week.
Whiskered Tern - interesting that it has not moulted out of its summer plumage yet

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