Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smelly Griffons

Today I joined a large team organized by the NPA. We went to ring Eurasian Griffons that got trapped in one of their traps in the Judean Desert. It was a well-organized event, which was important as handling 60 (!) griffons means much work.

We arrived on site in the morning, and had a couple of minutes to enjoy the scenery and breath the caracass stench in.

This is how 60 griffons inside a trap looks like. They behave, sound and smell like chickens.

It was good to meet many friends. We even had a TV crew that joined us.

We started processing the griffons quickly. My role was to ring the new birds and replace old rings. Out of the 60, only seven were new; all the rest had been trapped previously. Most are local desert birds, but some of the birds travel between the desert and northern Israel, and some have even visited distant countries in Europe or Africa.

After release there were some nice photographic opportunities.

Here with a Brown-necked Raven:

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