Monday, September 27, 2010

Crex crex crex

Yesterday I released three Corncrakes that were found exhausted or injured, and treated at the NPA Wildlife Hospital. I met up with Yosef and his team at Tsor'a and we ringed the birds. All flew or crept off well. Corncrakes are an evolutionary miracle. I do not understand how they managed to survive millions of years like this. I have seen in my life by far more dead, dying, injured, exhausted or simply stupid corncrakes than healthy ones. To me it is of no surprise that they are endangered.

I have problems uploading videos at the moment, hope to have some release vidoes here soon.


  1. Hi Yoav, regarding video on your blog, it is best to upload your video to YouTube, then copy the "embed" link from YouTube and paste into your new post. I hope this helps. Steve

  2. Hi Yoav,

    according to BirdLife Corncrakes have changed their status and are not under threat any more.

    so maybe there is a miracle out there...