Monday, November 19, 2018

Brazil Ubatuba Day 6 - tanagers galore

Today's birding in the Atlantic Forest of Ubatuba was really about brilliance. We could not have our breakfast quietly, nor leave the lodge on time, because of tanager et al. action on the bananas.

Green-headed Tanager is truly spectacular

Brazilian Tanager is so brilliant red it hurts the eye

 Blue Dacnis are uber-pretty too. Here's daddy dacnis feeding baby dacnis:

Young male

Mommy and daddy Dacnis

Ruby-crowned Tanager that never shows his ruby crown to humans

Golden-chevroned Tanager is rather subtle

Stunning Violaceous Euphonia

Pale-breasted Thrush - adult


Eventually we managed to drag ourselves away from the feeders, and headed over to Fazenda Angelim. Birding was excellent with several good birds - Buff-throated Purpletuft was the rarest, nice views but hard to photograph them high up in the canopy against bright sky. Other highlights included a Red-legged Honeycreeper, Rufous-backed Antthrush and many more. Full eBird checklist here.
Ferruginous Antbird 

Flame-crested Tanager - showed very well but I failed to get a good, respectable photo of it

It is very beautiful even in blurry photos

Loads of cool Collared Swifts over the forest

 After lunch I walked with Marco around the lodge and added a few more species, including this showy Scaled Antbird:

In the evening we went down to the beach. At sea we had Brown Booby, 3 American Royal Terns and Magnificent Frigatebirds. None were as beautiful as this stunning South American Kelp Gull. presumably 4th cycle:

In the mangroves and adjacent forest some nice birds inlcuding Black-throated Mango. This Crested Oropondela put on a display show:

Yellow-headed Caracara