Thursday, November 15, 2018

Brazil Pantanal day 2

Another fantastic day here in the Pantanal with Panthera and Pantanal Nature. We went out on the boat in the morning and in the afternoon. We had a breathtaking Jaguar encounter with a wild, un-habituated male. We followed him from a distance for a while. He pounced on a Cayman but missed. Wow.

We also had a lovely time with a Giant Otter family group during torrential rain - we ended up as wet as the otters. Photos, even videos don't do them justice. The way the move in the water, their breaths, the contact calls - just brilliant. 

We had lots of birds today (eBird checklist here), but I still feel we are just skimming the surface. There was no shortage in quality and in colour today:

Hyacinth Macaws


Rufous-tailed Jacamar

So many images to edit, so little time...

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