Friday, January 17, 2014

National Waterbird Census

As in every year I joined the National Waterbird Census coordinated by NPA. As usual I counted the reservoirs in the S Coastal Plains, not far from my house. As always, nothing dramatic but a nice morning out with NPA guys.
Nothing interesting in the waterfowl section - some Great Crested Grebes, Wigeon, Gadwall, Ferruginous Duck etc. 
Some Egyptian Geese around - invasive but still impressive birds:

Only highlight was at Zohar Reservoir - found there the Black-winged Kite first seen a week ago. First it was perched on the tress on the far side of the huge reservoir:

Then it flew to forage and moved in slightly closer:

Not as rare as it used to be, so not so exciting as in the past, but still a very good raptor. Apart for that some Eastern Imperials and Greater Spots, a handsome callidus Peregrine and one Pallid Harrier.

Shikma Reservoir at sunrise

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