Monday, January 27, 2014

Good birding, bad weather

Had some time for birding this morning but the morning was very grey and cold, so I decided to go east to escape to better weather and light conditions. Spent the morning in the Arad Valley, in the NE Negev, at the edge of the Negev desert. In the valley there is some cultivation - open fields and orchards, and the sewage works of the town of Arad. The sewage had some common ducks and these Common Shelducks:

And this very lost Common Crane:

The fields had few birds - not too many skylarks and pipits, perhaps becuase of the cold weather. I did find one Oriental Skylark - flushed it several times and managed to get this flight record shot - note the buff trailing edge and outer tail feathers:

Big numbers of Pallid Swifts (about 1000) were foraging low over the fields - shame about the bad light:

Brown-necked Ravens mix there with the many Hooded Crows: