Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another day at the office

Well, if you call this work - then I probably have the best job on earth. Went with my kids raptor censusing once again, in the N Negev. This time there were no interruptions and it was a nice day. Weather was not good for raptors - cold and grey, but towards noon the sun eventually came out for a while and there was pretty good activity. 6 Eastern Imperial Eagles were nice - two juvs (born 2013), two 3cy (born 2012) and two adults. It is important to be able to recognize them individually - each individual has its personal moult pattern, something like fingerprints. Here are two eagles of similar age class (3cy) but note the different notches and moulting feathers on each:

My brother Gidon joined with his kids. He was more into raptor ringing, and caught some stuff:


  1. Exciting!so this is your office!Lucky you are!
    Very nice that the kids are learning about the raptors!Beautiful bird:)

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