Thursday, September 19, 2013

Triple double

So it was a false alarm the other day and my wife hasn't given birth yet. Any day now. Thanks to all those who sent me greetings in advance!
So, still living on my borrowed time, I ringed lots of birds over the last two days, with the help of my good friends and helpers.
Tuesday morning it was Bet Kama alfalfa. It was a mega morning, with huge numbers of Willow Warbler (108 ringed) and big numbers of Short-toed Lark (64) and Yellow Wagtail (only 43). Good to have three dominant species. Other goodies were three Tree Pipits, five Isabelline Wheatears, and a Cretzschmar's bunting. We worked very hard especially since at 08:00 it became very hot and we were catching in too great speed. But eventually everything went smooth.
During the morning we saw lots of raptors over the field including Peregrine, Booted Eagles, Montagu's Harriers etc. The Oriental Skylark I found the previous day was still present.
Thanks to Ron, Meidad, Netanel and Hila for their hard work.

Greater Short-toed Lark

See my nets down in the bottom?

Wednesday morning I ringed at my site in Ashdod. After the flood of Willow Warblers I had there on Monday, I stocked my ringing box up with tons of 2.0 mm rings, but unfortunately this huge wave moved on and we had only about 50 willows this morning. But all in all it was a fine morning - I arranged a good team so we worked in good speed and enjoyed the 100 birds we ringed this morning. Highlights were a 1cy Eurasian Nightjars, some shrikes, Savi's Warblers etc.

Re'a with the nightjar - girls he's single!

Masked Shrike - 1cy

 Common Redstart - 2cy+ male, European form. Ehrenberg's gone now.

Some good birds we had in the field were two Little Crakes, some Grey Wagtails, and one Rueppel's Warbler (dodged my net).
Thanks to my team this morning - Arad, Re'a, Ady, Miriam and Oren.

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