Friday, September 27, 2013

Last minute call

Today I took part in the annual ringers meeting in Jerusalem. So took advantage of the fact I got a morning off and squeezed some birding before the meeting. Checked my alfalfa at Bet Kama - still packed with birds. More pipits around including one Richard's. Good harrier activity with three species cruising over the field - marsh, pallid and monty.

Montagu's Harrier 1cy

In the nearby dry fields had a small flock of Red-footed Falcons, feeding on beetles. They were very shy and I got no proper images but they are such great birds!

Red-footed Falcon 2cy male

Then I headed up to Jerusalem - it was a good meeting. My contribution was a short lecture on tips to better in-hand photography (this image of Yellow-browed Warbler is from November 2011)..

Just after I finished my talk got a call from my wife: "Come home quick, here we go, I'm in labor!". The 90 minutes drive home took me about 40, but when I got back home my wife told me it was a false alarm (again) and nothing was actually happening. But it will happen any day now for sure.

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