Monday, June 3, 2013

BBC in Israel

I had the honour to be part of the organizing team of the first Israeli Wildlife Photography Competition. This competition, organized by the Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, in collaboration with SPNI, INPA and Ynet, is the Israeli counterpart of the BBC / BMNH Wildlife Photography Competition. 
Today was the opening event, for the photographers and organizers; tomorrow the exhibition will become open to the public. It was a great event and I was glad to meet so many good friends. I am not sure whether I'm allowed to do this but here are some of my favourite photographs from both exhibitions:

The big winner was Vladimir Kogan (both jackal images are fantastic); Ilia Shalamaev's eagle on the left is outstanding too:

Uri Kolker (left) and Eran Hyams (right)

Amir Stern (left) - winner of underwater category. Underwater images always take my breath away.

Special guest was Mr. Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to Israel:

And of course, the BBC competition exhibition was really awesome. So much talent in one exhibition. Respect to my good friend Ofer Levy with this stunning flying fox image. Not that the otter image by Charlie Hamilton James is bad... Super stuff!

Grégoire Bouguereau

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