Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pallid Harrier

Yesterday afternnon went rapror-ringing in the NW Negev with my brother Gidon, my elder son Uri and Gidon's son Shachar. Dream Team. Wind was very strong and lots of dust in the air, so raptors kept low and few. Still we managed to catch some buzzards and kestrels; best was a young Long-legged Buzzard - rufous morph. While we were waiting for a buzzard to get caught, Uri asks me: "Dad, what's this white bird near us?". I was sure it's a Cattle Egret but wow it was a fantastic Pallid Harrier feeding on a small bird - very close to us. What a bird. Unfortunately it was sat just by an ugly tarmac road that I did my best to crop out...

Pallid Harrier - male


Too close for a jump-shot

Long-legged Buzzard

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  1. Lovely bird becoming increasingly seen as a winter visitor here in Andalucía, Spain over the last few winters. We have one or two adult males close to our house but as yet no stunning photos like yours! Regards, Stephen Daly