Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ups and downs

Just a quick one - I have been generally absent for the last week because my younger son Noam was hospitalized for a few days for acute dehydration, resulting of a stomach virus. He is much better now, but still at home. After a healthy first half of winter, the second half is a bit more challenging.
During this period I missed two potential Israeli ticks - Great Shearwater and Euro Strom Petrel, see here:
Hope to have everyone healthy ASAP, I want to get my life back please.


  1. A big "mishebearach" to your son Noam, Yoav! May all of you be well. This stomach bug going around Israel is really knocking the stuffing out of people.

  2. Sometimes there are other priorities Yoav - hope he gets well asap and we get to read about the upcoming Spring migration!

    Laurie -