Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weird day

Left home very early to arrive at Hameyshar at 06:15, first light, freezing temperatures, not one f***ing bird to be seen or heard. One lonely-looking Asian Wild Ass crossed the road and almost got knocked over by a lorry. Just as it started to warm up a bit and I started to see some birds I was courteously kicked out by the military there. Assholes. I called the relevant people yesterday evening to arrange my work there today. They said everything is OK...
I managed to see 5 Bar-tailed Larks before I left, and had a group of 140 Spotted Sandgrouse feeding by the road on the way out.
Near Nafha a Golden Eagle was perched on its regular pylon.
Back home, I had a fine Jungle Cat cross the road in the afternoon - a first for me for this region. Good one!

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