Sunday, January 15, 2012


In recent months I have been involved in founding the Israeli Nature Photographers Association. My good friend Amir Ayalon is the main enterpreneur, and we joined forces with some of Israel's best wildlife photographers and wildlife experts. The main aims of the INPA are to better protect Israel's wildlife through better photography - more professional, ethical and sensitive to nature and conservation.
We have a brand new website with lots of interesting articles, info and forums. Of course the main focus will be on bird photography, but we have active forums for underwater, landscape, macro and plant photography as well.
I hope that we will achieve our goals by reaching as many members as possible, and maintaining a high level of activities for our members.
Many thanks to Amir for his endless efforts, and to my partners on the INPA's board: Gal Shon, Rony Livne, Yoram Shpirer, Moshe Cohen, Eyal Ogash and Danny Laredo. Personal thanks to Thomas Krumenacker and Klaus Bjerre who supplied useful information about sister organizations in Europe.

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