Monday, December 26, 2011

National Ornithological Conference

Today was our annual celebration - as every year, during Hannuka we conduct the National Ornithological Conference, held in the Tel Aviv University. Every year the number of guests increases, and this year we had about 1000 guests! The program is very varied, with some hardcore birding lectures, popular topics, and more scientific or conservation-oriented lectures.

For the fifth year I have been producing the Amit Geffen photo contest. This year the level was very high and I was impressed by some stunning images. The exhibition today presented the best images that were submitted to the professional category. You can view the complete gallery here.

In addition, I gave a talk about the atlas project in the south and its outcomes. It was a busy but very enjoyable day. A great chance to meet ALL the guys and do some mingling. Thanks to all the organizers and other participants.

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