Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pharaoh Eagle Owl - debt from April

This amazing Pharaoh Eagle Owl was seen by myself and a Swedish group of birders on April 3rd at Neot Hakikar. It showed amazingly well for over a minute. My role was to hold the torch, while the Swedes were having the time of their life...

Thanks to Stefan for this great image. It shows all the important features - good dark frame to the face, lightly streaked breast and barred but unstreaked belly and flanks. It is a relatively large individual, perhaps a female, much larger and stronger than the famous male often seen on night tours in Yotvata.
There is a pair breeding just across the border from Neot Hakikar in Jordan, and often they come to forage on our side, usually near a small rubbish dump full of rats. I hope to see them in my forthcoming visits to neot Hakikar.

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