Monday, May 31, 2010

Color ringing Yellow-legged Gulls

Yellow-legged Gulls have always bred in small numbers in Israel, with up to 12 pairs breeding on the few tiny islands we have off our Med coast. However, in recent years they have started to penetrate inland and breed in several sites in the Tel Aviv metropolin, mainly in open zoos and zoological gardens. This year about 7-8 pairs breed in the Zoological gardens of Tel Aviv University. I had about 25-30 adults there today , and for the first time I managed to obtain permits to fit the chicks with color rings. I ringed seven chicks, all very large and just about to fledge. I was assisted by Ron Elazari director of the gardens - thanks Ron! I am very keen to see them in winter in my gull site in Ashdod - or perhaps we will learn that they do some exciting movements. I will keep you posted of course.



Yellow-legged Gull - adult

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