Friday, February 7, 2020

Wild thrush chase

On January 14th, Tzoor Magen found a lovely male Black-throated Thrush near his home in Tzur Hadassa:

I have seen only one Black-throated Thrush in Israel before, in January 2011:

Therefore, I was keen to see this beauty, so I headed there next morning, zilch. Later on that day, of course, it was refound. I returned a second time, the bird was refound while I was a kilometer away, I missed it.
The bird continues to show, some even got great pics of it. My motivation only increases. Why?
Last week I returned with Jonathan. Finally, we had brief views, twice, in flight; enough for a year-tick, but no photos. Still hungry.

Yesterday I went back with an old friend, Uri. Again, the briefest of views, no chance for a photo. It is a great area to bird in the winter - lots of finches, thrushes, warblers - pretty birdy up there. Makes missing the thrush, or at least not photographing it, a bit easier. And the valley is very beautiful now, wildflowers and all.
Will I try again? Most probably.

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