Monday, January 14, 2019

Murphy's Rosefinch

Back in Novembr 2018 I found a Common Rosefinch in my local patch, Nahal Ekron in Mazkeret Batya, 200 m from my house. On that first encounter I managed to obtain record shots, not the best quality but not too bad. Since then, presumably the same individual has been showing on and off at the same area. I keep seeing it every week or so, but it keeps frustrating me. I walk there with my dog almost every morning. I rarely carry my camera for this walk - too heavy. However, at all instances when I found good birds at this site I was without my camera. I always had to run back home for the camera. But this rosefinch keeps playing games with me. When I'm innocently walking my dog, the bloody bird typically shows up on a thistle 4 meters away, porning itself completely. This is a representative phone photo from a few days ago:

Pissed off, I run back home for the camera, return 5 minutes later to discover the bird had gone. Aaarrrghhh! This morning it happened again. Despite unstable weather and relatively few birds, the rosefinch was there, exposed like a top model. I decided that today is the day. A few minutes later when I returned with the camera, at first it was the usual drill - no sign! Only after a good 20 minutes of hectic search if flew out of a garden back to the dry vegetation by the stream. I managed to get some photos of it, still not perfect, but at least today Murphy was partially defeated.

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