Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mt. Hermon birds and bats

Spent the weekend up on Mt. Hermon - it was time for our annual Hermon ringing session. I've been doing this from 1987 more or less, so it becomes difficult to get me excited but it is always great fun up there in summer. Bird community is unique and so different from anywhere else in Israel.
Ringing was good and quite average. Thursday afternoon was mega-busy, and our large team worked very hard. The next sessions were slower, and we ended up with a total of about 1070 birds. The three major species - Syrian Serin, Linnet and Goldfinch were well represented. Also good numbers of Rock Bunting. But apart for that variety was rather limited, with very few bonuses. But how can I complain? Good birds, great company, beautiful scenery.
Photography-wise, birds are not at their best during this time of year. Most adults are in the middle of post-breeding moult, and are very worn and scruffy-looking. But still some of these birds are good looking.

Many thanks to Nadav and Dotan who organized the whole event.

Black Redstart - semirufus

Syrian Serin - 2cy male

Western Rock Nuthatch

Sombre Tit - juvenile

Black-headed Bunting - adult male. Before migrating they undergo a limited moult in which they lose their bright breeding plumage. They moult their wings and tail on the wintering grounds (India?).

We caught two of these:

Whiskered Bat (Myotis mystacinus) - thanks Eran


  1. Bonitas fotos y que bonitos son el Colirrojo y el verdecillo,me gustan mas que los que vemos por España.Saludos

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